MACD Virtual Summer Conference 

MACD is pleased to announce that the 2020 MACD Summer Conference will be held in a virtual format the week of June 8-12, with a mix of pre-recorded and live webinars scheduled for Tuesday - Thursday.

We are providing this new virtual format for our Members and Partners alike -- near and far -- to bring our incredible community 'together' once again to explore the latest in natural resource conservation and innovation.

As your work continues during this unique and challenging time, the need for connection, information sharing, and education is even more important.

To that end, we will be providing these webinars free of charge.

Registration for the Live Webinars is Now Open! 

See below for the registration links and recordings of past webinars.

MACD Virtual Summer Conference Schedule

Tuesday, June 9th
10:00 AM - Information and Updates on Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and Manure Management Permits

Learn about the new CAFO permit requirements and what is needed to meet these requirements.  Gain a better understanding of winter spreading policies and what this may mean for producers in the Future.
Presenter: Erica Rogers, Environmental Management Educator, MSUE; Sarah Fronczak, MSUE; and Bruce Washburn, EGLE. 

Event Welcome: Gerald Miller, MACD President's Message
Surviving & Thriving in Hard Times
Description: Join Patrice Martin and your Conservation District peers for a panel discussion on how they survived past hard times and prepared for an uncertain future.
Presenter: Patrice Martin, Vice President, Innovative Community Solutions and panelists Suzie Knoll and Eric Herrygers, Oceana CD; Carol Higgons, St. Joseph County CD; Mike McCarthy, Chippewa-Luce-Mackinac CD; Nancy Szikszay, Genesee CD.

Wednesday, June 10
10:00 AM - Introduction to the MAEAP Livestock Site Selection Screening Tool
MAEAP Site Livestock Screening Tool

Description: This session will introduce the changes to the MAEAP standards with regard to siting for new and expanding livestock facilities, and how to use the Livestock Site Selection Screening Tool.
Presenters: Laura Doud, Environmental Engineering Specialist; and Ben Tirrell, Right to Farm Program Manager.

Strategies for Communicating with Legislators
Description: Once you have identified key policymakers, begin building relationships by communicating with them regularly.  This session will provide tips and tools for meeting with your legislators.  With advice directly from state legislators and their staff, this will be a very informative session for board and staff alike. 
Presenters: Christy Roman, Regional Coordinator, MDARD; Representative Luke Meerman; and Dan Moilanen, Genesee CD Board Member & Legislative Aid with Representative John Cherry.

Thursday, June 11
10:00 AM - Farm Stress & Suicide Prevention
Description: Farming is a demanding and stressful occupation.  Things such as weather, commodity prices, and machinery breakdowns are uncontrollable factors that can impact the mental health of farmers. In this session you will learn to identify signs of stress, approaches to talk to farmers under stress, suicidal indicators, and available resources.
Presenters: Eric Karbowski, Community Behavioral Health Extension Educator.

1:00 PM - Working with MACD's New Website
Description: Our new website is a powerful new tool in our Association Members' toolbelt, both for internal and external community communication. Take a tour of the recently-launched site, learn how to use our new members-only tools and resources, and participate in a Q&A with our webmaster.
Presenter: Ella Swift Redding, Owner & Lead Creatrix, Burly Mermaid Media


Wednesday, JUNE 17
1:00 PM - District Manager Roundtable 
Live Conversation - REGISTER
Description: This CD Manager-facilitated roundtable will focus on key topics of interest to managers, providing the opportunity to get questions answered and ideas flowing!  
Facilitators:  Lori Phalen, Executive Director, MACD; CDEM Leadership.