MACD Unveils New Logo!

The Michigan association of Conservation Districts is pleased to unveil our new logo.

After a year long development process, involving a committee of multiple MACD members, who collectively represented a diverse group of Michigan’s Conservation Districts, we’re excited to share the results.

MACD extends our sincere gratitude to the committee members who volunteered their time and met several times over the course of a year to develop this new logo, with our graphic designer, Patrick Zanotti.

Many concepts were developed and considered. Our final selection was made via group consensus, and we believe it will serve Michigan’s Conservation District community well. It’s never an easy process to reach consensus on a design, as everyone always has their own personal aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, that process was a positive one, and we wish to thank all those who were involved for their commitment to building a better identity and brand for all of Michigan’s Conservation Districts.

Given that each Conservation District is unique — both in the constituencies they serve and the programming they offer — we developed a minimalist concept that we believe embodies the core of our collective mission in the Conservation community.

The duality of water and land conveyed in a leaf and water drop shares a large amount of information with minimal wording. We’re confident that the general public can look at this logo and immediately grasp much of the work we do.

MACD hopes that our membership will take full advantage of the new logo, as a brand has more strength collectively than it does on its own.

In order to help establish regional branding throughout the state, we’re encouraging our members to request a (free!) new logo with your CD’s name. Members can request a new logo by filling out this form. Image files with your new logo to be delivered within 2-4 weeks.

MACD is also excited to announce that later this Summer, we will be launching an eCommerce Store on our website where MACD members can purchase their own branded materials with ease. Among our key goals is to support Michigan’s Conservation Districts by curating various tools, systems, and services. We believe this branding service for our CDs will help expedite printing and branding needs for our members, and ultimately make your work easier.

Thank you again to all involved. We’re confident this new logo ushers in a new era of professional branding and content for all within our community. We hope you enjoy!

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